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How Does TAL Online Work?:

How long does it take for my request to arrive at my home library?

It depends on what item you are requesting and where your item ultimately comes from. If you want to find out more about your request please check the status of your requests here: https://talonline.ca/mypubliclibraryill (public library users only) or contact your home library's interlibrary loan department. Also please feel free to contact TAL staff at support@talonline.ca with any questions you have about your request. 

Where can I find out my PIN or library card number?

For TAL Online you just need to use your library card issued to you by your public or academic library. If you are using your public library card, your PIN number will the same used to access your account at your home library. If you need to reset your PIN, please contact your home library and ask to have your PIN reset. 

Do I need a TAL Card to use TAL Online?

No. The TAL Card is for in person borrowing at TAL member libraries only. To use TAL Online you will need to use your library card issued to you by your local library. If you are unsure of where to get a library card please visit the Find a Library page on the TAL website. 

Can I use TAL Online to access Electronic Resources?

No. TAL Online is for the discovery and requesting of physical items made available by TAL member libraries. Due to licensing restrictions, libraries are not able to provide access to electronic resources such as ebooks, journals and databases beyond their membership.

Can I use TAL Online to request Articles?

Yes. Select articles in the "Search" drop down box to discover articles that you can request through TAL Online.: