Is TAL Online going away?

No, TAL Online is an open source based provincial discovery tool owned and operated by The Alberta Library. TAL staff are currently exploring ways to build on the success of TAL Online to further reduce barriers to library services and support the information needs of Albertans across the province.

Can public library users initiate interlibrary loan requests from TAL Online?

No. The resource sharing system in place for public libraries, Relais D2D, will not accept interlibrary loan requests from TAL Online.

Where can public library users discover and request items from outside of their home library's collection now?

Public library users can go to the Public Library Service Branch's Relais D2D service found here: https://alberta.relaisd2d.com/custom/alberta/site/login.html

What should public library users do if I wish to request an item that they have discovered from TAL Online?

Public library users should contact their home library and ask how to request items they have discovered in TAL Online. Some public libraries on have information on how to do this posted on their website: 


Who should public library users contact about Relais D2D system if they have questions?

Public library users can contact the Alberta Public Library Services Branch here: illalberta@gov.ab.ca

Are members of non public libraries in Alberta still able to discover and request items from TAL Online?


Can public library users still create and share reading lists?