Using TAL Online

Searching for Items

To search for items in TAL Online, go to and enter search terms to discover the item you are looking for. You can use title, author, subject, isbn and other identifiers or keywords commonly used to discover physical items in TAL Online.

Main Page Search for TAL Online

Requesting Items

Once you have discovered the item you wish to request, you can either click the "Request Item" link under the items title on the results screen, or find out more information about the item by clicking on the "View Details" link. While looking at the item information, users are also able to click the "Request Item" link to initiate their interlibrary loan request.

Required Information for Requests

Public library users who initiate a request on TAL Online will need their library card and PIN number to complete their request. If there is any issue with their card, they will have to contact their home library to resolve it.

Once a user has authenticated. they are then prompted to confirm their request. They also have the option of adding an e-mail address so they can receive and e-mail confirmation as well as adding any comments to the request that may help with fulfilling it (eg. specifying the format they are requesting etc ...)

My Public ILL Requests

Public Library users are able view the status of their interlibrary loan requests by going to Public library users are asked to confirm their home library, barcode and pin number after which they will be able to see the status of their Interlibrary Loan requests.

One a user intitiates an interlibrary loan request using TAL Online, the request is then sent to their home library which is responsible for fulfilling the user's request. As a result any questions a user might have regarding the status of their ILL request should be directed to their home library's Inter Library Loan department.