Using TAL Online


My Public ILL Account

Public library users are now able to set up an account with TAL Online which will allow them to create and manage reading lists.

Signing into a My Public Library ILL Account:

To create an account simply click on the My Public Library ILL account link or go to:

Once at the My Public ILL Account page, select your home library and branch and enter your library barcode and pin to sign in. If you don’t have an account already, one will be created. If one has not been created, you will create one when you sign in.

Please note, users will be agreeing to the TAL Online terms of service found here when signing in or creating an account:

My Public Library ILL Account Dashboard

Once signed in, you will see your My Public Library ILL Account Dashboard where you can curate your reading lists and update your e-mail address.

Users can log out at any time by clicking the orange “Log Out” link at the top of the screen.

Recovery E-mail:

Set up a recovery e-mail so that you can update your account in case you ever need to change your barcode. This will also be the e-mail that TAL Online uses to send a confirmation e-mail for item requests and cancellation requests.

Reading Lists:

You can create a reading list by clicking on the “CREATE NEW LIST” on your My Public ILL Dashboard.

Once you have created your list, you can give it a title and description. You can also make it private or public. If it is public, you can share the url for your list with anyone and they can view your reading list. If it is private, only you can see it after you have signed into TAL Online.

Once you have created your reading list, you can add any items discovered on TAL Online to your list either in the item view or the search results view.

You can also edit and add notes to your reading list once you have added items to it by clicking on the “Edit this reading list” link at the bottom of the reading list.

Searching for Items

To search for items in TAL Online, go to and enter search terms to discover the item you are looking for. You can use title, author, subject, isbn and other identifiers or keywords commonly used to discover physical items in TAL Online.

Main Page Search for TAL Online

Discovering Articles

Users are able to discover articles by selecting "Articles" below the search bar.