Public Library Users No Longer Able to Submit Requests from TAL Online

Hello friends,

As of February 10, 2020 public libraries will no longer be able to send requests from TAL Online to their home libraries to be fulfilled. The Public Library Services Branch has deployed a new system, Relais D2D, which will broker requests for public libraries. You can find this new system here:

TAL Online was previously developed and maintained through funding provided by PLSB, who will now be responsible for the new resource sharing system to be used by public libraries in Alberta. 

Since the early 2000’s it has been our honour to provide barrier free-access to physical library items across Alberta and we are extremely grateful for the support we received from the PLSB in the past. TAL Online is the product of the libraries that comprise TAL, each of which have generously agreed in principle to provide barrier free access to their resources in order to enhance the information needs of Albertans across the province.

TAL Online is not going away. It will remain online as the only service which will allow users to discover items from all 50 of the public, academic and special libraries that comprise TAL’s membership. Public library users are can continue to create, print and share reading lists on TAL Online as well as check on the status of requests they have made prior to February 10, 2020.

TAL staff are also looking into other new and exciting ways that TAL Online can be used to fascilitate library resources.

TAL Online users from post secondary and special libraries will still be able to discover and request items using TAL Online, as their service will be unchanged.

If you are a public library staff member and have questions about the new system: Relais D2D, please e-mail

If you have any additional questions about TAL Online, please contact Brian Lin at

There had been an earlier message indicating that January 23, 2020 was the date. However the date has been extended fo February 10, 2020 and this message has been updated to reflect that.